$5,000 over 5 days – gut check time

September 16, 2011

The reality is that if I want to compete in the race become Troy’s next City Council member I will need somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000.  The good news is that I have raised the first %20 already.

The bad news is of course that leaves me $8,000 to go.  I do have some time to still before I need my next big installment, but I need to have a mailer go out to absentee voters in the next week, and I need to raise a lot of money to do it.

So now is the time I need people who have said they would support my campaign to do so.  $100 will represent 1% of my total fundraising goal.  If you are able to donate that you will really help free my up to knock on doors.  I am pretty sure it is the best way to get votes.  It is essentially free, the feedback is instant, but it is time consuming, and frankly hard.

I have had 2 doors slammed in my face so far.  But I have also had people offer me to sit and enjoy a bit of air conditioning on a hot day, or the offer of a bottle of water towards the very end of that hot day.  My favorite so far was a teacher I met immediately after my toughest interaction yet.

She was not only supportive she was appreciative.  She thanked me for my hard work on behalf of those in Troy who were not as willing or able to do so.  Then she asked unsolicited if she could give me a donation.

Even though she had agreed to a pay cut this year she wanted to do what she could to make my campaign possible.  Her contribution was not the largest I have received yet, but it was by far the most memorable.

Thanks in advance to all who are able to make my campaign possible.  It means the world to me.


I am a bad little blogger

September 16, 2011

Sorry to have neglected my accumlated readers so far; both of you.  First rule of blogging is blog often; so my bad.  Lots of great stuff has been happening.  Getting my campaign team in place, ordering yard signs, knocking on  hundreds of doors, endorsement seeking, and most of all fund raising.

Of course I have to do this without neglecting my terrific wife and three kids, and work a full time job, and still coaching my youngest son’s soccer team.  Those alone are plenty to keep my busy normally.

More soon I promise.

– Neil

Welcome to the campaign

September 11, 2011

Thanks for your interest in my campaign.  I will do my best to post frequent updates, and important news.  This will help keep people informed and it will also help keep me motivated.

In order to have a good chance of being elected I need to raise a lot of money.  I am rich in family and love, but not money.  This means seeking the support of those around me.  I don’t do this lightly.  Times are tough, but they will only get tougher if we form a circular firing squad.  When someone gives me money I want to do everything I can to give them the absolute best return on their investment possible.

It may come as a surprise to you, but the thing that may make or break my campaign is the number of doors I can knock on.  It is the best way for voters to get to know me.  It is also free, which is always a plus.  I have knocked on about 150 doors in the last 3 days.  That may sound like a lot, but I am hoping to personally knock on the door of around 3000 voters.

This won’t be easy on top of my existing commitments to my family, my day job and the youth soccer team I coach, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.  Leadership by example is my preferred approach.  Not only that my wife is the most supportive spouse one could ask for.  The value of her assistance cannot be over-stated.

Hello world!

September 4, 2011

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